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On May 25th, 2022, Conserv Congo, ICCN, and the national police raided a residence in Goma, where 50 animals were being kept in a makeshift quarantine facility. The animals were destined for the illicit foreign market. By the time the teams arrived at the place, cages were being made to ship the animals out. The owner, Djaffar Babou, a Congolese citizen, living between Uganda and The DRC was arrested. Babou is a certified trafficker who was also involved in a recent case in Uganda, whereby an international trafficker of grey parrots was arrested and sentenced to 14 years by the Ugandan authorities.
Amongst the animals found at his house, there were 20 monkeys (colobus guereza), 15 marabouts and 15 cranes; all these animals are highly protected by the Congolese wildlife law and there is a provision of 1 to 10 years prison term for anyone contravening this law.
All the animals seized appear on the protected list of wildlife in the DRC.
Babou is closely tied to many other international shipments of such animals on a monthly basis.
He is also connected to the Traores, a family of traffickers sought internationally by law enforcement for wildlife trafficking crimes.
His favorite destinations include West Africa and the Arabian peninsula.

This seizure will go down as the biggest wildlife bust on the African continent and is a clear indication that the trafficking of primates goes beyond that of great apes.

The DRC is one of the most diverse countries in the world and it has a number of species of monkeys and other wildlife that are endemic and some not yet discovered nor listed nationally or internationally.
The rescued animals have all been sent to the Lwiro sanctuary for their care and the suspect is at the Goma magistrate court.
This rescue was possible thanks to the collaboration of the parrot trust fund, EAGLE network, The Gorilla organization and IFAW.

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